We really care about the impact we have as a business on our beautiful planet. This means that every single part of our Curry Night Boxes has been very carefully researched and considered, to ensure that we’re treading as lightly as possible on the environment. 

Our founder Grace has a qualification in Sustainable Business Management from Cambridge University and is on a constant quest to learn more and become better in this field.

We’re not perfect, and there is certainly room for improvement, but we believe that you guys deserve total transparency. So here it is:


We source our veg from Crowbond Groceries, which is run by the amazing Kem. He’s a ball of positive energy and has been a huge help to us during these challenging times. Crowbond are one of our neighbours on the estate where Spice Labs HQ is based, which helps considerably to cut down on transport emissions. 

In an ideal world, we’d source 100% British organically grown veg, but unfortunately, we’re not living in ideal times and veg has got increasingly expensive for small businesses like us. We do however aim to keep the veg in our Curry Night Boxes as seasonal as possible and British where we can. 


We believe in working with nature rather than against it, and think organic farming is awesome. This is why we’ve teamed up with Mr. Organic to bring you super sustainable, super tasty organic pulses. 


It’s our aim at SpiceBox to make 50% of the meal organic. This starts with the rice. We worked for months trying to find the right organic basmati rice supplier and finally came across Jewel of India, run by the lovely Akhil. Akhil’s rice is grown at the base of the Himalayas on organic land, before being aged for 12 months. Great rice is an essential part of any curry night and we hope you enjoy learning our foolproof steam-cooking method!


Our samosas and kachori are hand-made in South East London by a family run business called Santosh. They use traditional Gujurati methods and the finest ingredient to create the most amazing Indian street food snacks and sweets, 


Our naans are hand-made in London, around the corner from Spice Labs HQ, by a family business called Ararat Bread. We’ve been using Ararat bakery since day one of SpiceBox and we think you’ll all agree they make damn fine fluffy naans! The naans are cooked to order each day, helping us to save on waste and keep everything super fresh for you guys. 


This chutney is hand-made by our amazing chefs in the curry house and is made from 3 simple ingredients - dates, tamarind and a secret spice blend. That’s it!


We’ve worked closely with a London-based partner to cook our Korma sauce, Tikka Masala sauce and Dhal at scale and package them in a way that can be sent out nation-wide. The recipes are identical to those used in the curry houses and contain 100% natural ingredients. 

We send them out frozen to act as ice blocks in the boxes, this means we don’t have to use ice packs, which are really hard to recycle. 


Grace is pretty obsessed with packaging and recycling so please be assured that we’re doing everything we can to make sure that our packaging is as sustainable as possible.

THE TAPE: We use Tesa ecologo tape, which is made from 60% bio-based materials, unbleached paper and solvent-free glue. 

Did you know: even though our tape is made from unbleached paper and recycled materials, it can’t be recycled? This is because the glue contaminates the paper. Therefore, please make sure you remove the tape before recycling your boxes. If you know of any packaging tape that can be recycled, please get in touch!

THE BOXES:  Saxon packaging make our boxes. They are made from 80% recycled material. Please make sure that you try to re-use your box a few times, before recycling it at home. 

Did you know: We’re currently weighing up whether to use boxes made from 100% recycled material. The only difference is on the surface of the outside - it has less of a sheen if it’s made from 100% recycled cardboard. This means it is less water resistant. Therefore, if your box was left out in the rain it would be more likely to be damaged and therefore couldn’t be reused. 

THE STICKERS: We work with Storrie Labels to make our stickers. All of our stickers are made from 100% recycled paper.

Did you know: No stickers can be recycled. This is because the glue contaminates the paper. Using recycled materials helps reduce the carbon footprint of the stickers but they are also quite hard to remove from plastic bottles/glass. In many cases plastic PP stickers are the most sustainable option as they are super light-weight and can be removed from materials easily. We are currently weighing up whether PP stickers will be better for SpiceBox @ Home. 

THE PLASTIC CONTAINERS: Our rice and cashew pots are from Nivek and are made from PET plastic, which are easy to recycle. It would be better to use containers made from recycled plastic and we are looking into this.

Did you know: Bio-plastics are great because they are made from plants rather than oil. However, is it still really hard to compost bioplastics in the UK and they often end up going to landfill or being burnt, as most bioplastics can’t be recycled like oil-based plastics. This is why we’ve decided to use PET containers for now. 

THE RECIPE CARDS: Our recipe cards are printing on 100% recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. 


We proudly donate £2.50 from each box sold to the World Land Trust’s Plant a Tree programme. This funds WLT’s local conservation partners to reforest areas that have been lost in the past and reconnect fragmented habitat for wildlife. Donations to this scheme support the nurturing, planting and protecting of trees that will help restore a forest for wildlife. The programme currently includes projects in Borneo, Brazil and Ecuador.